In this post we will give a detailed review of Ganong’s Review of Medical physiology book along with its pdf book at the bottom of this page. Read about its importance in medical study.

Why this subject is essential for medicos?

Physiology is a conceptual subject in medical science. In this subject we study physiology of human body.

As we know our body have numerous system and these system are connected to each other and make a Integrated machine called as human body.

ganong's review of medical physiology book pdf

About Ganong’s Medical Physiology book.

This is reveiw book of physiology, it is written by, Kim E Barret, Scott Boitano, Susan M Barman, Heddwen L Brooks.

Published by Tata Mc Graw hill education private limited 7, West Patel nagar, new Delhi 110008 and printed at Gopsons papers Ltd Noida 201301.

It is available worldwide, including its South Asian Edition, which is sold in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan.

Why Ganong’s Review book is preferring by medical student?

As we already discussed earlier, physiology is a conceptual subject so keeping these things in consideration Ganongs is preferred because the Ganongs physiology book connect dots of physiology.

It has topic wise chapter and it has very concise matter and it also has some clinical box in every chapter that improve our clinical knowledge.

Ganong’s Physiology book is divided into 7 sections. They are-

I: Cellular & Molecular Basis for Medical Physiology
II: Central & Peripheral Neurophysiology
III: Endocrine & Reproductive Physiology
IV: Gastrointestinal Physiology
V: Cardiovascular Physiology
VI: Respiratory Physiology
VII: Renal Physiology

Speciality of Ganong’s Review of Physiology

  • In the end of the each chapter it has point wise summary.
  • It has multiple type questions in the end of the chapter that can revise your theory and build your concept.
  • Clinical box that can improve your clinical knowledge.

Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology PDF Download

Other Physiology Books

1- Essentials of Medical Physiology by K. Sembulingam
2- Netter’s Essential Physiology PDF
3- Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology