You will have 3 non-clinical subjects for your 1st year. We have listed all First Year MBBS Books here. Let’s Discuss in detail.

1) Anatomy
2) Physiology
3) Biochemistry

Anatomy is basically the study of the master piece. The intricate structure of human body.

Physiology will tell you how this creation works fascinating wonders. The body processes.

While Biochemistry will tell you how the tiny non-living magician molecules interact with each other to sustain this miracle of life. (you know the Glycolysis pathway and Krebs’ cycle, right?)


This is the largest and most extensive of the three, requiring intense hard work and sincere efforts. The first fear that every medical student faces, is the fear of long words – IPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPPEDALIOPHOBIA.

How to remember the anatomical terms? Forget the remembering part, even pronouncing them sometimes reminds you of ‘She sells sea shells…’ tongue twisters.

This can be easily tackled with a smart idea from day. Most of the medical words have Latin/Greek origin.

Studying the etymology, that is, how the word has been derived will help you a lot in remembering the words, as you’ll know the meaning of the word. It’s fun too.

Here are the important Anatomy first year MBBS books


physiology first year mbbs books

Physiology, according to me, is the most interesting subject of all three. Function determines the Structure.

Every anatomical structure has developed for its specific function. And hence understanding Physiology will help you understand Anatomy better. The opposite is also true.

Physiology requires patience, creative imagination, curiosity – the thirst to know the HOWs and WHYs and logical, deeply conceptual study. But once you understand it, there’s no forgetting.

This demands extra attention in lectures and lots of doubt-asking to the professors.

Here are the important Physiology, first year MBBS books –

1- Essentials of Medical Physiology by K. Sembulingam

2- Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology PDF

3- Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology

4- Netter’s Essential Physiology PDF

For more Physiology books. Click here.


Biochemistry is the subject that deals with mainly the chemical reactions taking place in the biological world, in this context, the human body.

It mainly has Chemistry of these different compounds (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, etc. just the way we had in 12th, but in much more details) and their metabolic reactions and pathways taking place in tissue metabolism.

It will also deal with molecular biology that is DNA and RNA (the stuff we did in the chapter Biotechnology).

Biochemistry is much more than these, IF TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Which rarely happens, as this is the easiest of all subjects!

It is a darling of last minute readers as Biochemistry being the smallest and the simplest can be easily covered. And it shoots up your percentage like anything.

Here are the important Biochemistry, first year MBBS books –

1- Lippincotts Biochemistry 

2- Harper Illustrated Biochemistry

3- Satyanarayan Biochemistry

4- Vasudevan Biochemistry

5- Vasudevan Practical Biochemistry

For more Biochemistry books. Click here.


1- Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics

2- Thompson and Thompson Genetics in Medicine


1- Langman’s Medical Embryology

2- Inderbir Singh Human Embryology


1- Netter’s Essential Histology PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

2- Inderbir Singh Human Histology PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

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