In this post we will give a detailed review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Gautam Biswas book along with its pdf book at the bottom of this page. Read about Gautam Biswas Forensic importance in medical study.

Including clinical and pathological aspects of Gautam Biswas Forensic.

About FMT Gautam Biswas.

Know that forensic medicine is very tricky subject. we can’t learn it like other subjects because it has lots of historical examination and we have to deal with not a living body but a dead one instead.

We suggest you to read Gautam Biswas forensic medicine and toxicology because it contains foundation of forensic medicine and in beginning pages of book it contains some images that help us in clinical case and it also has different-different table in each chapter and some boxes that consider to be important fact about medicine . That’s very necessary according to exam.

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Table of Contents.

1:Medical Jurisprudence And Ethics
2:Acts Related To Medical Practice
3:Legal Procedure
4:Identification I
5:Identification II
6:Medico-Legal Autopsy
7:Autopsy Room Hazards
9:Signs Of Death
12:Firearm Injuries
13:Regional Injuries
14:Thermal Injuries
15:Transportation Injuries
16:Explosion Injuries And Fall From Height
17:Medico-Legal Aspects Of Injuries
18:Decompression, Radiation And Altitude Sickness
19:Starvation Deaths
20:Anesthetic Deaths
21:Infanticide And Child Abuse
23:Impotence And Sterility
24:Virginity, Pregnancy And Delivery
25:Sexual Offences I
26:Sexual Offences II
27:Sexual Offences III
28:Postmortem Artifacts
29:Forensic Psychiatry
30:Bloodstain Analysis
31:Seminal Stains And Other Biological Samples
32:DNA Fingerprinting
Question Bank-I

Uniqueness’s of Gautam Forensic.

  • It has some multiple choice questions in the end of the chapter that’s designed according to exam.
  • Some boxes in every chapter that contains theory about clinical portion.
  • point wise theory.
  • different different table wise content that is helpful in revision.
  • contain High yield clinical cases.
  • it also contains some pathological theory that relate with forensic medicine.
  • Questions are asked at the end of each chapter, which are divided into Must know and Desirable to know, to help students prepare for professional exams.
  • Mnemonics have been included for easy recollection and reproduction.
  • The use of nano-medicine in toxicology has been illustrated in several of the chapters.
  • Relevant relevant information for a particular problem is highlighted in gray square boxes.

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Gautam Biswas 4th Edition PDF Download

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2- Simpson Forensic Medicine 14th Edition PDF
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