In this post we will give a detailed review of Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Nagesh Kumar Rao book along with its pdf book at the bottom of this page. Read about Nagesh Kumar Forensic importance in medical study.

Including clinical and pathological aspects of Nagesh Kumar Forensic Medicine.

Let’s know about Nagesh Kumar Forensic Medicine

Nagesh Kumar designed this book in very different way. He described matter of this subject step by step like in its contents first he described basic principles of forensic medicine then it’s pathological Theories and clinical forensic medicine and toxicology.

Nagesh K Rao also add some clinical format of forms that helps us during residency and further more . He described some case in starting of book with images of lawyer and case forms . In end of the chapter he added some Indian forensic medicine that helpful for Indian graduates.

Book also mentioned Laws pertaining to the practice of Medicine. Syllabus and review technique suggested by MCI.

More than 700 excellent original coloured photographs and over 500 hundred plain drawings, charts, tables and boxes. 

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Table of Content

I: Forensic Medicine

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Legal procedure
  • 3. Medical law and ethics
  • 4. Identification
  • 5. Medicolegal autopsy
  • 6. Death and its cause
  • 7. Postmortem changes
  • 8. Mechanical injuries
  • 9. Regional injuries
  • 10. Medicolegal aspects of wounds
  • 11. Thermal deaths
  • 12. Starvation
  • 13. Mechanical asphyxia
  • 14. Anesthetic and operative deaths
  • 15. Impotence and sterility
  • 16. Virginity, pregnancy and delivery
  • 17. Abortion
  • 18. Sexual offences
  • 19. Infant deaths
  • 20. Blood stains

II: Toxicology

  • 24. General considerations
  • 25. Agricultural poisons
  • 26. Corrosive poisons
  • 27. Metallic poisons
  • 28. Inorganic irritant poisons
  • 29. Organic irritant poisons
  • 30. Cns depressants
  • 31. Psychotropic drugs
  • 32. Deliriant poisons
  • 33. Drug dependence and abuse
  • 34. Spinal poisons
  • 35. Cardiac poisons
  • 36. Asphyxiants
  • 37. Miscellan

Special Points of Nagesh Kumar Forensic Medicine

  • Some tables in each chapter that beneficial for normal and abnormal cases,
  • Point wise he described theories,
  • His content is very concisely designed that helps us to learn quickly,
  • Simplified language,
  • Good diagram representation,
  • Clinical format added that’s helpful during residency,
  • Some orange boxes in every chapter that is form of victim,
  • Separate UG and PG Theory and Viva-Voce Question Bank.

Nagesh Kumar Forensic Medicine PDF free Download.

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