In this post we will give a detailed review of Ananthanarayan and Paniker Textbook of Microbiology book along with its pdf book at the bottom of this page. Read about its importance in medical study.

What is Microbiology?

Microbiology is a study of small organism in very broad manner and to know and understand the cause and treatment of disease. It helps us to connect microorganisms with human body and how to prevent its spreading and practice a hygienic life style.

Ananthanarayan and Paniker Textbook of Microbiology PDF

Why this book is a Wikipedia of Microbiology?

It’s textbook of microbiology, it contain all chapter’s of microbiology in very broad way. It build our concept and knowledge of micro-organism in Medical Microbiology.

How they grow? their functions?, mechanism?, their pathogenic capacity? which pathogen cause disease? and which one is non pathogenic? all these answers are described in detail in this very book.

Ananthanarayan and Paniker textbook of Microbiology has topic vise chapter, it started with very basic principles to complex clinical case.

Hope you understand why it is known as Wikipedia of Microbiology.

New concepts in sterilization and disinfection, including plasma sterilization and practices in healthcare settings automated and updated molecular techniques as applied to microbiology

Content of Panikar Microbiology

There are 68 chapters in total in the book, some of which are:

  1. Morphology and Physiology of Bacteria
  2. Culture Media
  3. Bacterial Taxonomy
  4. Infection
  5. Immunity
  6. Antigens
  7. Complement system
  8. Hypersensitivity
  9. Staphylococcus
  10. Streptococcus
  11. Mycobacterium I: Tuberculosis
  12. General Properties of Viruses
  13. Herpes Viruses
  14. Arbo Viruses
  15. Rhabdo Viruses
  16. Medical Mycology

Authors of Ananthanarayan and Paniker textbook of Microbiology

  1. Late Dr. R Ananthanarayan
  2. Dr. CK Jayaram Paniker

Special points that make it first choice of Medical Students.

  • it’s started with very basic knowledge to major clinical portion in every topic that help you to solve high yield clinical case.
  • it has very good diagrammatic representation of each and every single microbes.
  • it has catalog for mechanism of microbes that helps in revision.
  • this book is very helpful for master’s in microbiology.
  • contain high yield clinical case.
  • contains a lot of colorful diagrams, tables for better understanding.
  • Also the MCQ book free with the 10th edition of Ananthnarayan and Paniker’s textbook of Microbiology.
  • Most of the diseases are covered and even immunology is present in a concise way.

Ananthanarayan and Paniker Textbook of Microbiology PDF Free Download

Other Microbiology Books

1- Jawetz Melnick and Adelbergs Medical Microbiology PDF
2- BRS Microbiology and Immunology PDF
3- Textbook of Microbiology CP Baveja PDF
4- Sastry Medical Microbiology Book PDF

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