In this post we will give a detailed review of Essentials of Medical Microbiology – Apurva Sankar Sastry book along with its pdf book at the bottom of this page. Read about its importance in medical study.

Why microbiology is important for medicos?

We all know micro means small organism that we can’t see by naked eyes, we can see it by light microscope and electron microscope.

In our daily routine we come in contact with lots of microorganisms. Among which some of the organism are causing disease and some are not i.e. they are pathogenic.

We study bacteria, virus, fungi, virions, various Parasites etc. In this subject we will study how these microorganisms grow, their mechanism of working, which organism are good for health and which of these are causing death and further more malfunctions in human body.

sastry microbiology

Why Sastry Microbiology is first choice of medical student?

Sastry Microbiology is very concise book for medicos. It’s contents is very concisely designed, it includes all chapters of microbiology.

It contains important boxes in every page of book that give us exam related MCQ and in the end of chapter.

It has summary and topic wise MCQ that build our concept and knowledge, it also has explanation of every MCQ in the end of chapter so it’s a great combination of theory + MCQ.

Points that make Sastry Microbiology different than others.

  • Table wise content that helpful in review.
  • MCQ and their explanation in every chapter.
  • Boxes in every chapter that give us important point of topics.
  • In beginning of this book it has lots of images of microorganisms that helpful in diagrammatic MCQ.

Essentials of Medical Microbiology – Sastry Microbiology PDF

Other Microbiology Books

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2- BRS Microbiology and Immunology PDF
3- Textbook of Microbiology CP Baveja PDF
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